Who is Jesus Christ

Discover who Jesus is and you are on your way to discovering the truth about life.

We could start by saying Jesus is the Son of God; which is true enough but open to lots of interpretation. Maybe there is another way to describe the most remarkable man who ever walked this planet.

John, a disciple of Jesus, described him as LOGOS – Greek for ‘WORD’. Jesus existed before time. He was not called Jesus then – but was the WORD of God. In fact John goes on to say that everything ever created – all we touch, taste and smell, all that is seen and unseen, here on earth and in the heavens above… everything was made by him and ultimately for him.

So although we could start by describing the little baby born to a virgin (yes you read that right) named Mary, some 2000 yrs ago – the one we celebrate at Christmas, it’s better to start by saying “In the beginning, God created…” And it was LOGOS / the WORD / Jesus (before he was Jesus), who did this.

God is One; Father, Son, Spirit. Or to put it another way; LORD, WORD, SPIRIT. Three distinct persons and yet One God. Hard to understand, but none the less true. How can 3 be 1? Only God can do that! (note: if we can fully understand God, chances are he’s not really God)

So… Jesus is God. He is SON / LOGOS / WORD / God Incarnate – God in human flesh. History has never known someone like him. In infancy, he terrified a king. As a boy, he stunned theologians with his knowledge and wisdom. In manhood, he ruled the elements and quieted the raging sea. He healed without medicine, and fed thousands from a boy's lunch. Even demons obeyed Him and he gave back life to those who were dead.

Yet in the end he was despised and rejected by his fellow humans. His goodness shone a light on the true condition of the human heart. And what people saw they did not like. But instead of turning to God for forgiveness, they condemned Jesus to die. He was taken before a civil judge on trumped up charges. He was sentenced to death on a cross. He suffered and died, and in so doing paid the ultimate price and just punishment for the sins of all.

But death could not hold him. His moral purity and his faultless life were too powerful even for the greatest foe of all created life on earth. After three days he rose, alive and well. More than 500 people witnessed the fact. And now, he is able to set free from judgment and eternal death all those who put their trust in him.

Who is Jesus Christ? For the last 2,000 years, humanity has been confronted with this very question. In Mathew 16:15, Jesus asked it this way; 'But who do you say that I am?' One of His disciples, Simon Peter, replied: 'You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.'

Now it's your turn. Who do you say that He is?

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