Budgeting Service

Ezekiel Trust Budgeting Service can support you by offering a free and confidential mentoring service. We are not just there for times of crisis but also for those wanting fresh ideas and fresh ways of thinking that can help make money management a more positive experience for you and your family.  Financial mentors will support you to make wise financial decisions, create good plans and learn useful budgeting skills.

If a person is struggling with finances it can be empowering to be supported in the process, and to be guided in how to talk to organisations or businesses.

Knowing a financial mentor is there for us in the process, can relieve a lot of financial stress.


 Monday  9:00am - 3.00pm
 Tuesday  9:00am - 3.00pm
 Wednesday       9:00am - 3.00pm 
 Thursday  9:00am - 3.00pm
 Friday  9:00am - 2.00pm


Location: Our office is located at the Morrinsville Baptist Church 56 Moorhouse Street, Morrinsville.

Contact Details:

Phone: 07 889 7451 (An answer phone operates outside office hours)

Mobile: 021 0827 7890

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

About Us:

  • Started in 1991
  • Financial Mentors are trained to National Standards
  • Funded by
    • Ministry Social Development (MSD)
    • Trust Waikato
    • COGS
    • Tindall Foundation
    • Len Reynolds
  • Audited by MSD

Our Service Aims:

  • To provide a free, confidential, one to one financial management service.
  • To educate and assist families and whanau to become financially independent.
  • To promote and provide education in money matters to the local community.
  • To provide information, support, advocacy and access to resources for clients.